Current payment service regulations let you dispute purchases and transactions that you do not recognise within 13 months from the transaction date. So, what advantages does CaixaBankProtect offer?


  • You can contact our customer support line, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to request to block your cards or NOW account or to report the theft of your cards or card details. You can also contact us if you think you have been the victim of fraud or do not recognise a particular transaction. Customer support line: 900 40 40 90.
  • You will receive free alerts when any unusual transactions are made with your card. For example, we will notify you if you make a transaction for a higher than average amount (withdrawal or purchase) or after making a card purchase for the first time in a different country.
  • It includes the CaixaBankProtect Emergency service. If you experience any unexpected issues with your CaixaBank cards while abroad, we will send you a new card or emergency cash, wherever you are (this service is available in most countries). You can access this service by contacting the customer support helpline indicated on the back of your cards. Customer support line: +34 93 887 25 25 / 900 40 40 90.

See the FAQs on CaixaBankProtect® here.

In addition to CaixaBankProtect®, we offer other options for improved card security. Card usage monitoring and temporary and permanent blocking.

Monitor use

This option lets you temporarily block or unblock each of your cards and certain card transactions, such as online purchases, trips abroad, leisure activities for over 18s, airline purchases, hotel purchases, and ATM cash withdrawals.
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Card block

This option lets you block your card temporarily or permanently. We recommend blocking your card temporarily if you have misplaced it or do not intend to use it for a while. Permanent blocking is the best option if your card has been lost or stolen.
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