Information required by M.O. ECC/2316/2015: HolaBank Account

CaixaBank is part of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Credit Institutions provided for in Royal Decree 16/2011 of 14th October 2011. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per depositor with each bank.


This number is indicative of the product's risk, with 1/6 indicating the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

Visa Classic is a monthly credit card that lets you pay off all your transactions at the end of the month or in convenient instalments.


No fee

Free1 for the first year and subsequent years if the card is linked to a HolaBank account. For all other cases, there is an annual fee of €43.

Widely accepted abroad

Take this card when you travel abroad and pay anywhere, including car parks, motorway tolls and vehicle rentals.

Flexible shopping4

You can choose to pay for purchases in instalments or always pay a fixed amount.5

caixabank protect

Card security2

Secure purchases... guaranteed. Enjoy the security of CaixaBankProtect® when you make purchases on the card.


CaixaBank Pay3 app

The CaixaBank app lets you manage your cards and pay with your phone.

More than 13,000 ATMs

Check your balance or withdraw money from the largest ATM network in Spain.