A home insurance policy that covers all your needs

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The same monthly price for the first 3 years3

With our home insurance, it's nothing but advantages

Mybox Home insurance provides maximum protection because it covers the owners of finished homes and tenants for the incidents that occur in the home. As specialists in water damage, we also offer the best cover for this type of incident, plus:

Acts of vandalism by tenants

Comprehensive building guarantee

Replacement of any door locks in the property in the event of key theft

Value-added services such as free annual maintenance for taps, radiators, blinds, windows, etc.

We protect your digital life by adding cybersecurity tools and offering you a remote assistance service capable of resolving all your technology queries, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And if you have a main residence, you can extend your insurance with valuable services like Home Repairs and Digital Assistance.

  • Quick and easy to arrange, no need to itemise jewellery (under €400) or special valuables (under €3,000).
  • No price increases or impact on the claims rate during the first three years of the policy.
  • 5% discount on prepayment for Premier or Private Banking customers.
  • In the event of a fault or emergency, no matter what time of day and 365 days a year, call us on 900 50 50 40 or 91 125 98 41, and we guarantee that we will handle your repairs in less than 24 hours: even on Saturdays and Sundays in urgent cases.
  • Goods replaced at as new value (main residence).
  • For main residences with contents cover, the insurance can be extended with optional coverage.
  • Comprehensive protection with the possibility of taking out supplementary insurance, such as MyBox Electrodomésticos and MyBox Mascotas.
Mandatory coverage
Capital insured Further information
Fire, explosion, lightning strike 100%
Effect of sudden heat (non-climate) 10%
Contents robbery
Damage to building and contents due to theft
Cash theft
Maximum €300
Lock replacement 1% (min. €360, max. €720) Minimum €360 - Maximum €720. For theft of keys
Theft/robbery outside the main residence
€600 For main residence only
Personal documents
€60 Includes national ID card, passport and/or driving licence. For main residence only
Theft in annexed premises:
(excluding cash, jewellery/valuables)
10% Maximum €6,000
Theft from the main residence
10% Cash not included
Water damage 100%
Damage due to fuel leakage in tanks
Forgetting to turn off the water
Damage due to burst pipes caused by frost


Damage to the Structure. Due to leaking shower, washbasin, etc. 100%  
Locating and repairing pipes €300  
Unblocking of pipes
Breakage of glass, marble, sanitary ware, glass ceramics 100% Includes sanitary ware, marble and glass-ceramic cooktops
Weather events (rain, wind, hail, snow) 100% Garden furniture not included
Flooding 100%
Acts of vandalism 100%
Smoke 100%
Impact of objects 100%
Sonic waves 100%
Leaks in the Structure €600
Acts of vandalism by Tenants €3,000 Provided the property is intended to be leased by its owner, whose rental contract complies with the Urban Leases Act
Discharge and extraction of sludge 4%
Extinguishing, salvage and debris removal costs 100%
Cosmetic damage STRUCTURE


Minimum €1,800 - maximum €4,500. If, as a result of an incident, several bathroom tiles have to be replaced, but no replacement tiles with the same shape or decoration can be found, the undamaged tiles will also be replaced to restore the aesthetic harmony
Document reconstruction 2% content Minimum €900 - maximum €3,000. For main residence only
Electrical damage 100% structure
Electrical appliances 5%
For electrical appliances Minimum €3,000 - maximum €6,000. Damage caused by short circuit or sudden rise/drop in voltage
Deterioration of refrigerated food or medications €300 For main residence only
Loss of rents or Uninhabitability of the property 10% Maximum 2 years of compensation
Extensive buildings guarantee (Comprehensive accidental risk) 100%  
Extensive furniture guarantee (comprehensive accidental risk) €1,200  
Civil liability: Of the building, contents or user and/or family member. €300,000 Extendable to €600,000 and €1,500,000. Damage to third parties inside the property or communal areas, attributable to the insured party
Assistance in the home Included
Maintenance Included More information
Legal protection €6,000 Maximum compensation per annuity
Optional coverage
Capital insured Further information
Jewellery 25%, max. €10,000 Additional jewellery coverage refers to gold and platinum items, pearls and valuable precious stones with an individual value in excess of €400 (if the individual value does not exceed this figure, it is automatically included in the contents capital). The minimum insurable capital sum is €4,000 for jewellery.
Valuables 25%, max. €10,000 Additional coverage for valuables refers to furs, stamp and coin collections, antiques and works of art that do not contain gold or precious stones, as well as silver and ivory items, with an individual value in excess of €3,000 (if the individual value does not exceed this figure, it is automatically included in the contents capital). The minimum insurable capital sum is €8,000 for valuables.
Garden furniture 5%
Legal Protection Optional cover for secondary residences (Maximum compensation of €6,000 per annuity)

The home's contents include jewellery and valuables. Both valuables and jewellery are assigned a maximum capital sum per claim. This means that, in the event of a claim, the compensation to be paid will be equivalent to the amount of the damages, with the maximum amount of the sum fixed for each of them.

Imagine that the total cost of the valuables is €7,800 and the total cost of the jewellery is €4,800. If, due to theft or any other cause covered by the policy, €6,000 in valuables and €3,000 in jewellery were lost, the compensation would be the same as the amounts of the loss, i.e., €6,000 and €3,000 respectively.

With MyBox Home, you can extend the insurance policy with the following optional cover that can be taken out jointly, provided that you take out contents cover and the home is in regular use (for owners or tenants):

Extended coverage
Further information
Comprehensive contents guarantee
New coverage with a first-risk capital of €1,200
Theft outside the home We increase the first risk amount for theft outside the home to €1,200
Civil liability of household staff Extension of civil liability to cover domestic staff (registered with social security) for negligent acts or omissions
Civil liability for PMVs (personal mobility vehicles) We cover civil liability for personal mobility vehicles (PMVs), covering the whole family, up to €60,000
Repair service Home repair service with two services per year, of two hours each, in addition to the maintenance service
Digital assistance service We keep pace with the digitalisation of the home by offering digital solutions (parental control, configuration of smart devices, etc.) with home assistance (two services/year) and remote assistance (up to five devices)