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All the protection you need to sleep peacefully

Enjoy MyBox insurance for the same monthly price for the first 3 years1.
Exclusive coverage and better prices for your home, car, health and life insurance.

Ease of payment All the MyBox insurance products which you purchase will be charged in a single payment on the 1st day of each month.

The same price for 3 years1
You will pay the same every month during the first 3 years of cover.
No quota increases or surprises.

Enjoy greater savings With the best price. You'll save more than by taking out insurance policies each year.

If you have any doubts, you can call 900 101 222, where you will be assisted by a specialist adviser.

Protect your day to day

Insure what you value most with home and car insurance.
Customised solutions to protect your home and your vehicle against any unforeseen events.

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MyBox Health insurance1

  • Exclusive cover for you and your family, so you feel protected at all times.
  • Access to the Adeslas Health and Well-being digital programme2.
  • An insurance policy3 no copayments and together with dental insurance of the highest quality.
  • Access to digital health services at all times.

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MyBox Senior Health insurance1

  • Get a personal health adviser to help you.
  • An extended medical directory and high-quality dental insurance.
  • Access to the Adeslas Health and Well-being digital programme2.
  • For people between 63 and 84 years of age.

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MyBox Home Insurance1

  • Comprehensive cover for your home and personal property.
  • Cover for damage to third parties.
  • Replacement of any door locks in the property in the event of key theft.
  • And you can also supplement your home protection with MyBox Electrodomésticos and MyBox Mascotas.

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MyBox Auto insurance1

  • Roadside assistance from the first kilometre, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Assistance included for: lack of fuel, punctures or theft of keys.
  • Compensation for total loss in vehicles under 3 years old, for the value of a new car.

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Take care of you and your loved ones

Protect your well-being and that of those you care for most in the event of death or unforeseen circumstances.

MyBox Life insurance1

  • You can request 50% of the capital in the event of cancer, a heart attack or serious illnesses4.
  • Plus, we pay you double the capital in the event of death or absolute and permanent disability due to an accident5.
  • Coverage in the event of total permanent disability or death4.
  • And during the first three years after taking out the policy, you will have access to an additional second medical opinion service in the event of serious illnesses6.

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Alarms and protection services.

We protect your home and your well-being with exclusive technology against burglary and squatting, assistance in less than 20 seconds and alerts to police or emergency services.

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