Customer services

CaixaBank has a Customer Services department available to receive and resolve any complaints and claims from its customers and entities within the 'CaixaBank' Group that correspond with this service.

Customers can submit their complaints to Customer Service by post to Calle Pintor Sorolla, 2-4, 46002, Valencia, at the email address [email protected], using the form provided for this purpose, or at any CaixaBank branch.

You can also file a claim using the following form.

If you do not agree with a charge on your card and you have not yet requested a refund for the card transaction, this form is not the method for doing so. Here is an explanation of the steps to take to start a card transaction refund request.

According to its operating regulations, Customer Service has a maximum of 1 month in general, and 15 business days in the case of claims involving payment services, to settle claims. In the event that the claimant does not agree with the resolution or should the aforementioned time period go by without a response, s/he can file the claim with the supervisory claims service.

Customers can submit other types of requests, such as queries or suggestions, through Customer Service

Complaints made by participants and beneficiaries of individual pension plans must be lodged with the Participants' Ombudsman. Similarly, ordinary members and beneficiaries of individual EPSV's must lodge complaints or claims with the Associates' Ombudsman. The postal address for both organisations is C/ Velázquez, 80, 1ª derecha, 28001 Madrid, and the email address is [email protected]. For more information, see the "complaints" section of the VidaCaixa website


1. CaixaBank Customer Protection Regulation (PDF)

Supervisory Claims Services

1. Banking services: claims can be directed to the Bank of Spain's Complaints Service (c. de Alcalá, 48, 28014, Madrid) (pdf)

2. Investment services and the securities market: complaints can be addressed to the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (C/Edison, 4-28006 Madrid)
2.1. Individual claim form (pdf)
2.2. Collective complaint form (pdf)
3. Insurance and pension plans: complaints can be addressed to the Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones (Pº de la Castellana, 44, 28046, Madrid) (pdf)

European Union Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Consumer information (Catalonia)

There is also a consumer telephone advice service, provided by the Government of Catalonia, which can be called on 012. There are official claims/report forms available to customers. The bank has a free customer service helpline available by calling +34 938 87 25 25 or 900 40 40 90. Furthermore, in accordance with the provisions of Act 22/2010, of 20 July, on the Consumer Code of Catalonia, consumers can request a template of the terms and conditions of basic financial service contracts that may be of interest.

Consumer information (Andalusia):

Consumers in Andalusia, in application of “Decree 82/2022 of 17 May, regulating the complaint and claim sheets of consumers and users in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia”, may file a complaint or claim on paper or in electronic format, using the form provided in Annex II of said decree. Claims can be filed with the Customer Service Department by writing to Calle Pintor Sorolla, 2-4, 46002, Valencia; at the e-mail address [email protected], or at any of CaixaBank's branches.

Consumers may obtain the complaints and claims form through the web portal Annex I HQR Decree 82-2022 (updated on 18-10-2022).pdf (

General Regulations on Consumer Protection and Contract Conditions

  • Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, as well as supplementary laws.
  • Act 7/1998, of 13 April, on general contract conditions.
  • The Law 7/2017, of 2 November, which incorporates into Spanish law the Directive 2013/11/UE of the European Parliament and Council, of 21 May 2013, concerning the alternative resolution of consumer disputes.


  • Act 2/1994 of 30 March, on the subrogation and modifications of mortgages.
  • Royal Decree-Law 6/2012, of 9 March, on urgent measures for protecting mortgage debtors without adequate resources.
  • Act 1/2013, of 14 May, regarding measures to strengthen the protection of mortgage debtors, debt restructuring and social renting.
  • Law 3/2016, of 9 June, protecting the rights of consumers and users taking out mortgage loans and credits.
  • Act 5/2019 of 15 March, regulating real estate loan contracts.

Consumer credit:

  • Act 16/2011, of 24 June, regarding Consumer Credit.

General regulations on banking services

  • Order EHA/2899/2011, of 28 October of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, regarding the financial service transparency and customer protection.
  • Circular 5/2012, of 27 June of the Bank of Spain, regarding credit institutions and payment service providers, regarding the transparency of banking services and responsibility when granting loans.
  • Order ECE/228/2019 of 28 February, on basic payment accounts, process for transferring payment accounts and requirements for comparison websites.

Payment services

  • Royal Decree-Law 19/2018, of 23 November, on payment services and other urgent financial measures.
  • Order EHA/1608/2010, of 14 June, regarding the transparency of conditions and requirements of information applicable to payment services.
  • Regulation (EU) 260/2012, of the European Parliament and Council, of 14 March, which establishes technical and business requirements for transfers and direct debits transactions made in euros, and amends Regulation (EC) 924/2009).

Investment Services

  • Legislative Royal Decree 4/2015, of 23 October, approving the revised text of the Securities Market Act.
  • Royal Decree 217/2008, of 15 February, by the Ministry of the Economy and the Treasury, on the legal regime for investment services companies and other companies that provide investment services, and partially modifying the Regulation of Circular 7/2011, of 12 December, by the National Stock Exchange Commission, on the informative brochure of rates and standard contracts.
  • Order ECC/2316/2015, of 4 November, regarding information and financial product classification obligations.

Customer services

  • Act 44/2002, of 22 November, on measures for reforming the financial system, amended by Act 2/2011, of 4 March, on sustainable economy.
  • Order ECHO/734/2004 of 11 March, on Customer Care Services and Departments and the consumer ombudsman of financial entities.
  • Order ECC/2502/2012, of 16 November, which governs the procedure for presenting claims to complaints services of the Bank of Spain, the CNMV (The Spanish National Stock Exchange commission) and the Directorate General of Insurance and Pensions.