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We accept all necessary documents to consider your mortgage in your own language*

*Accepted in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish

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Find out if you could borrow the amount you require in less than 48h

Calculate the monthly payments of the CasaFácil mortgage for your second residence in Spain

In which currency do you receive your income or hold the majority of your assets with which you will repay the loan?

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You can access to the mortgage application form, where we offer you a high quality service, financial support, advice and guidance, which will make the whole process for purchasing and financing your new home in Spain easier.

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Due to the institution's risk policy, no mortgages are currently offered to customers who generate their income/assets in other currencies.

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Both the simulation and the payments will be in euros (€) and at a variable rate, where each year's payments vary based on the Euribor:

Province and age characteristics
Are you considering to buy a:
Purchase price: Don't you know how much it costs? Contact us
€35.000 €2.900.000

The minimum amount is €35.000

The maximum amount is €2.900.000

Mortgage amount required: The amount can't exceed 70% of the price of the house
€24.000 €105.000

The minimum amount is €24.000

The maximum amount is €1.200.000

The amount can´t exceed 70% of the price oh the house

Mortgage term Maximum 20 years
5 years 20 years

The minimum term is 5 years

The maximum term is years

This is not a formal quotation or a commitment to lend