A further step towards security for all your transactions

At CaixaBank, we want you always to feel safe. Therefore, as a CaixaBank customer, you can request a refund for purchases and transactions that you do not recognise for up to 13 months following the transaction date so that we can study your case.

You also have at your disposal our exclusive line for customers +34 93 887 25 25 or 900 40 40 90, through which:

  • We will help you to resolve your queries and questions whenever needed.
  • You can also contact us if you think you have been the victim of fraud or do not recognise a particular transaction.

Through your email, we will also keep you up to date on the most frequently detected frauds and give you key tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. If you do not receive this email, please contact your local branch to check that we have your updated email address.

Control of use

This option lets you temporarily block or unblock each of your cards and certain card transactions, such as online purchases, trips abroad, leisure activities for over 18s, airline purchases, hotel purchases, and ATM cash withdrawals.
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Card block

This option lets you block your card temporarily or permanently. We recommend blocking your card temporarily if you have misplaced it or do not intend to use it for a while. Permanent blocking is the best option if your card has been lost or stolen.1.
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This is a service linked to the card that consists of sending alerts regarding transactions carried out with the card. These alerts are sent via SMS, notification on the CaixaBankNow app, or by email. As an example, the alerts provide information on:

  • transactions exceeding €500,
  • withdrawals (cash withdrawals) at ATMs exceeding €1,000, and
  • first purchases made abroad, regardless of their amount.

CaixaBankProtect Emergency

This service means that if your card is lost or stolen abroad, you can ask for a replacement card to be sent to you or request a cash withdrawal through a CaixaBank correspondent company in the vast majority of countries.

  • Requesting an urgent replacement card: The price of this service will be communicated at the time of requesting the card as it may vary depending on the country you are in and the urgency of the shipment.
  • Cash withdrawal: The amount of money we will send you cannot exceed your card's credit available limit. If you need to convert your money to a currency other than the euro, the partner company may apply the corresponding fee for the currency exchange.

To request this service when the card is lost or stolen, you will have to contact CPC at one of the following freephone numbers, available 24 hours a day. 93 887 25 25 and 900 40 40 90