Discover MyBox insurance

Welcome to the new MyBox range of insurance policies that will protect you for three years with great benefits, the best prices and exclusive coverage.

The same monthly price

We want to make it easy for you. Each month you will pay the same, with no hidden charges1.

Three years with no price rises

No surprises, the same monthly price for the first 3 years.

Enjoy greater savings

At the best price. You'll save more than if you arrange insurance year by year

The different product types are:

  • MyBox House


    • Comprehensive cover for your home and personal property
    • Cover for damages to third parties
    • Replacement of any door locks in the property in the event of key theft
  • MyBox Auto

    • Roadside assistance from Km 0, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • We are there for you beyond accidents or breakdowns: lack of fuel, punctures or key theft
    • Compensation for total loss in vehicles under 3 years old, for the value of a new care nuevo

  • MyBoxMyBox Health2

    • Exclusive cover for you and your family, so you always feel protected
    • Access to the Adeslas Health and Well-being online programme3
    • Without copayments and with high-quality dental insurance included

  • MyBox Senior Health

    • For people between 63 and 84 years of age
    • Exclusive cover and a Personal Health Adviser to help you with medical matters and the management of your policy
    • An extended medical directory and high-quality dental insurance.
    • Access to the online Health and Well-being programme3
    • Access to digital health services at all times: video consultation with your Adeslas doctor, medical guidance chat, consultation by e-mail, 24-hour medical guidance helpline, as well as online authorizations and private electronic prescriptions

  • MyBox Vida life insurance

    • We advance 50% of the sum insured in the event of cancer, heart attack or serious illnesses4
      In addition, double the pay-out if the disability or death is due to an accident5
      Coverage in the event of total permanent disability or death55
  • MyBox Decesos funeral insurance

    • Available when you sign up for MyBox Vida
    • Service in the event of death with comprehensive cover of funeral services.
    • Additional capital of €1,000 for additional cover or services related to burial.
    • No health questionnaire

You can also contract these protection services

  • MyBox Alarm6


    • Electronic cut-out warning
    • 24-hour connection with response in under 29 seconds
    • Alarm with early detection
    • Panic button and silent alarm in the event of coercion or robbery
  • MyBox Senior Protection7


    • Protection inside and outside the home
    • Geo-positioning in the event of an emergency, both inside and outside the home
    • The daily activity manager informs you of your goals and achievements
    • Voice chat: unlimited entertainment whenever you want

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