Estrella Car Loan

The ideal loan to buy your car

  • Repay over 6 years
  • Flexible instalment option
  • Up to €60,000

At CaixaBank we believe that giving a loan is giving trust. So we want to make your dream of buying a new or second-hand car a reality.
To help you do this, we offer you the Estrella Car Loan1, to finance your car purchase and allow you to pay the instalments with plenty of flexibility.

Estrella Car Leasing

Get a brand new car without having to buy it

  • Change your car more often.
  • Convenient monthly payments.
  • Includes repairs, breakdown assistance, insurance and taxes.
  • Offers tax benefits.

Do you need to change your car frequently? Now you can always have a new vehicle, without having to worry about servicing or insurance. Leasing is a form of car rental that includes full servicing and insurance for your vehicle in a single monthly payment. Allows you to enjoy your car, without worry.

Check out our leasing offers at www.caixabankequipment.com

See our insurance policy range

  • Car Insurance

    Worry-free driving.
    The most complete level of cover with excellent service

  • Motorbike insurance

    Complete motorbike insurance cover.
    Buy SegurCaixa motorbike insurance and choose your own repair shop

  • Accident insurance

    SegurCaixa Accident Insurance
    Protection for you and your family in case of road accidents.


Vía-T Bip&Drive: no tickets, no queues. Not to mention the discounts.

  • The Via-T Bip&Drive is a device designed for the quick payment of motorway tolls and parking fees without delay.
  • It can be used by both cars and motorcycles.
  • Annual Fee: €25/year