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Discover in four steps how to register for CaixaBankNow.

Identify yourself

With your identity document and your CaixaBank card

Enter the code

Which you will receive on your mobile phone

Define your login credentials

Establishing a secure password


That everything is in order, and start enjoying CaixaBankNow


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CaixaBankNow adapts to your day-to-day needs

Manage your finances easily and instantly, wherever you are. Discover how your everyday online banking service adapts to your day-to-day needs.

- 08:00am

Everything taken care of

With your morning coffee you can check up on your accounts, your latest transactions and your upcoming bills that will be charged during the week.

- 1:30pm

Wherever and whenever you want

You are preparing lunch and thinking about your upcoming holiday. With CaixaBankNow you can make the transfer and finish booking it.

- 5:45pm

24h virtual assistance

Do you have any questions? Ask Noa, CaixaBank's virtual assistant.

- 10:30pm

Always up-to-date

Enter a payment that may be duplicated while enjoying your favourite series. With CaixaBankNow, you will receive an alert on your mobile phone so that it does not go unnoticed.