Why should you contract the Health Insurance Adeslas Basic Family?

  • Your health in the best hands

    You'll have the country's most extensive medical pool at your service, with 44,000 professionals and 1,150 medical centres

  • Say goodbye to long waiting lists

    Save time and choose a timeslot to access primary care, specialist doctors, and diagnostic resources.

  • Family flat rate for 3 to 6 insured parties

    The more insured parties, the greater the savings. Include up to 6 insured parties for the same price as 3.

Find doctors and centres from the General Medical Pool that best suit your needs

  • Primary care: it includes general medicine, paediatrics and nursing service.
  • Medical and surgical specialties: allergology, anaesthesia and resuscitation, vascular surgery, digestive system, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, general and digestive tract surgery, maxillofacial surgery, paediatric surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, surgical and clinical dermatology, endocrinology and nutrition, geriatrics, haematology and haemotherapy, immunology, internal medicine, nuclear medicine, nephrology, pulmonology, respiratory system, neurosurgery, clinical neurophysiology, neurology, obstetrics and gynaecology, odontostomatology, ophthalmology, medical oncology, otorhinolaryngology, psychiatry, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, rheumatology, traumatology and orthopaedic surgery, urology.
  • Diagnosis resources: includes clinical analyses, biochemistry, haematology, microbiology, parasitology, pathological anatomy, conventional radiology, cardiac Doppler, electrocardiography, electro, encephalography, electromyography, fiberscopy, ultrasound; high-tech resources such as immunohistochemistry, ergometry, Holter, nuclear medicine, amniocentesis, karyotypes, nuclear magnetic resonance, CAT (scan) and diagnosis tests for illnesses.
  • Psychology: 40 sessions for eating disorders or 20 sessions for the other treatments.
  • Childbirth preparation.
  • Podiatry (12 sessions per year)

Additional services included

  • Telephone medical advice: user support 24 hours a day.
  • Psychology: with special prices in case you want to extend the sessions covered by the policy.


They are the amounts that have to be paid to access certain services and allow to balance the monthly quota of your insurance. If you need services with copayment, at most you will pay €260 per year per insured party (0-54 years old); once you reach this amount, there will not be further copayments.

The amount of the co-payment varies based on the different types of sanitary services and/or medical specialties. Some co-payment examples are:

  • Podiatry €5
  • General medicine €9
  • High-tech tests €70
  • Infirmary €4
  • Rehabilitation treatment and physiotherapy €6
  • Specialists €16

Some guarantees require authorisation. Therefore, if one of our professionals prescribes you a service, such as medical tests, you will have to present this prescription so that we can manage its conformity and authorisation.

The coverages and tests subject to medical authorisation.

  • Medical tests.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Clinical psychology.

In this product, all the guarantees included can be accessed immediately, except for high-tech diagnosis resources that have a 3-month exclusion period.