Personal Loans

CaixaBank supports young people who, like you, dedicate part of their time to preparing for their professional future. That's why, with our financing offer, you can study without worries and pay back the loan in convenient instalments.

Achieve your goals!

Express Tuition Fee Loan1
A short-term loan you can get quickly and easily. Ideal for meeting your annual tuition fees and paying them off without surprises.

Degree/Master's Degree Study Loan1
With the Degree/Master's Degree Study Loan, you can decide how much money you'll need each year. Plus, you will be able to begin repaying when you finish your studies and start working.

Below we explain the terms and conditions of the different loans so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

Express loan Degree/Master's Degree
Study Loan
Amount Tuition fees and related expenses2
(min €500)
Tuition fees and related expenses2
Total loan life 6, 10 or 12 months Up to 10 years for a degree
Up to 8 years for a master's degree
Capital grace period no grace period 5 years for a degree3
3 years for a master's degree3
Availability a single payment annual or half-yearly payments4
Interest rate 0%5 8%6
APR APR from 12.215% up to 17.203% APR 8.3%
Start-up fee 6 months: 4.5%
10 or 12 months: 6%
Early repayment or cancellation fee 0% Up to 1%7

For other financing options, please consult your CaixaBank branch.