Your security is also increased in the contactless face-to-face purchases you make

The new European Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) increases security in contactless face-to-face purchases.

PSD2 establishes that the PIN1 secret number must be entered more frequently in contactless purchases2 to verify the identity of the person making the payment.

How does this change affect me?

The only change you will notice is that you will have to enter your secret PIN number in some of your contactless purchases.

Until now, when you made contactless purchases for an amount of less than €50, it was not necessary to enter the secret PIN number of your card.

From now on, when your cumulative spend using contactless amounts to €150 or more, you must verify your identity at the shop’s payment terminal by entering your PIN. This ensures that the person making the purchase is the cardholder.

After holding your card next to the shop's payment terminal to make the purchase, you just need to follow the instructions that appear on the terminal screen:

In other cases, you will only be told to enter the PIN, without inserting your card.

In some cases, you will be told to insert your card and enter your PIN.

When you make purchases with your mobile device it will not be necessary to enter the secret PIN number, because your identity will have already been previously verified3.

What should I do if I have forgotten or blocked my card PIN number?

If you don't remember your PIN, you can get a new one:

At a CaixaBank ATM 
(“Other options" > "Change PIN”)

At a CaixaBank branch

Or you can call the helpline:
900 40 40 90
(from abroad:
+34 938 87 25 25)

If you have blocked
it, having exceeded the maximum of three attempts to correctly enter the secret PIN number of your card, you can unlock it:

In CaixaBankNow App: when you block the PIN, you receive an SMS or a notification on your mobile device to be able to unblock it in CaixaBankNow.
You can also unblock it from the card menu in CaixaBankNow.

At a CaixaBank branch

On the helpline:
 900 40 40 90
(from abroad: +34 938 87 25 25)

Remember that to ensure that you receive our operational communications immediately, it is important that you have the notifications activated in the CaixaBankNow application, as well as having provided your current e-mail address.

Activate notifications in CaixaBankNow

To activate notifications in the CaixaBankNow application, go to "Settings"> "Manage notifications".

1. What is the secret PIN number?
The PIN is a personal identification number. It is the 4-digit security code that only the cardholder knows and that serves to validate the identity of the person making the purchase with the card. Remember never to share this number with third parties.

2. What is a contactless purchase?
Contactless is a technology that allows you to make card payments through NFC (near field communication), which allows you to make a purchase without contact with the payment terminal for purchases of up to €50.

3. How is your identity verified on your mobile device?
When you use your fingerprint or facial recognition (biometrics) or when you enter your PIN on your mobile device, you are verifying your identity for all transactions carried out with your mobile phone.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your CaixaBank branch.