Digital Bank

Activate notification to stay up to date

Push notifications are a type of alert that you receive on your phone, notifying you of new information in the CaixaBankNow app.

They can also be used to...

Complete online purchases easily

Receive security messages

Activate alerts on the activity of your accounts and cards

Receive relevant information about CaixaBank

Activate them in 6 steps

Sign in to the CaixaBank app (on your mobile phone) and follow the steps below.

Go to “... What do you need?” in the bottom menu and click on “Settings and My profile”.

Then go to “Settings”.

Tap on “Notifications and alerts”.

Then on “Manage notifications”.


And activate them so you can receive any alerts from the app.

Accept the permissions of the operating system and start keeping up to date with your finances.

Or on your mobile phone

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Download it again on your phone

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