Digital Bank

Enable notifications to stay up to date

Notifications are alerts and messages on your daily banking activity that you receive on your mobile through the CaixaBankNow app.

You will also be able to...

Complete your online purchases easily

Receive security messages

Enable alerts on the activity of your accounts and cards

Receive relevant information about CaixaBank

Remember that, since these are notifications that we will send via the CaixaBankNow app, you will be protected from SMS fraud. Notifications are the safest and most reliable way for us to send you information.

Enable them in a flash

Sign in to the CaixaBankNow app and follow the steps below.

Tap on "What do you need?"and enter "Settings and my profile".

Go to “Settings”.

Tap on “Notifications and alerts”.

Next, go to "Manage notifications".

And activate them! Accept the operating system permissions and you will receive alerts from the CaixaBankNow app.

Or on your mobile phone

Enter your mobile phone number, and we will send you an SMS to download the application

We have just sent you an SMS to your phone

Download it again on your phone

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It must contain 9 digits and start with 6 or 7

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