An insurance policy for you

MyBox Health Seniors1 is designed for people between 63 and 84 years of age who want to enjoy their golden years in good health with complete coverage.

Consider the advantages

With MyBox Health Seniors2 you will have full coverage for health care and dental treatment through the country's largest medical directory. You will also have a personal health adviser who will help you and guide you with all your health needs and policy management.

  • The same monthly price for 3 years3

    The premium, copayments and dental excesses will stay the same for 3 years.

  • Comprehensive health care cover

    Medical consultations, hospital care, outpatient and hospital emergencies, diagnostic methods, dental care and a second medical opinion.

  • Comprehensive Dental coverage

    More than 190 dental clinics, where you can access 46 free services and benefit from a 10% discount on orthodontics and implant excesses.

  • Adeslas Salud y Bienestar digital health platform4

    A programme which will accompany you in your daily life, helping you to improve your lifestyle and manage your health.

We protect what's important

At CaixaBank, we care about your health, not your age. Presenting MyBox Salud Seniors, an insurance policy with the same monthly price for 3 years, offering medical and dental coverage and innovative services to take care of you at all times, as well as access to our Health and Well-being programmes.

MyBox Health Seniors comprehensive health care coverage

To help you look after your health, you can benefit from the most comprehensive cover:

Medical consultations


Hospital care


Outpatient and hospital emergencies


Diagnostic methods, including those using advanced technologies


Annual health check sí
Dental care


Second medical opinion sí