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At CaixaBank, we have created MyBox Decesos Seniors, an insurance policy that offers total protection, providing emotional support at a time as complicated as the death of a loved one. Its purpose is to provide the best support to the insured person's relatives by handling all the expenses and paperwork involved in the funeral and burial.

This policy is intended for elderly customers living in Spain who wish to be buried anywhere in Spain.

Single premium

No health questionnaire or medical exam

Testament Plus and Legal Assistance Plus coverage

Includes customer service commitments

MyBox Decesos Seniors offer novel coverage features, such as the Testament Plus service, which you can request anytime you need it, and the Legal Assistance Plus service, which handles the paperwork associated with a death.

Thanks to our extensive coverage, you will get the help you need at the most difficult times:

Funeral service

Covers the full cost of the funeral service for each insured person, based on the location chosen and the insured capital, with services like:

  • Funeral coffin and urn (in event of cremation)
  • Funeral car
  • Wake room (funeral home)
  • Handling and processing of the paperwork
  • Transport and set-up

Treatment Plus

  • Preparation, advice and modification of the notarised will, includes two services that can be used once a year free of charge.
  • Advice on living wills: telephone service with a lawyer about the contents of the document or healthcare at that time, among others.
  • Preparation and processing of the living will and notarised precautionary powers of attorney and decision-making documents
    • Living will: covers the writing and processing of the living will or document of last wishes, that is, a document signed before a notary containing the instructions that the insured person gives to his/her doctor stating what type of medical care he/she would like to receive, or not, at the end of his/her life if he/she is unable to make decisions or communicate. 
    • Notarised power of attorney: covers the writing and processing of a notarised precautionary power of attorney, meaning a power of attorney signed before a notary through which the insured person designates a natural or legal person to represent him/her in certain legal acts should he/she be in an event or situation that renders him/her unable to undertake said acts on his/her own.
    • Notarised decision-making documents: covers the writing and processing of a notarised decision-making document, meaning a notarised document through which the insured person, in anticipation of his/her own future disability, specifies how he/she wishes his/her person and goods to be administered, including the appointment of a conservator in the event that this situation occurs and a court is required to make said appointment.

National transfer

Covers the transfer of the deceased insured person to anywhere in Spain.

International transfer

Covers transfer or repatriation of the deceased insured person from abroad to Spain.

Psychological assistance

Emotional support when the insured person's death occurs due to an accident, or when the deceased insured person is under 18 years of age.

  • A psychologist will travel to the place of the wake and provide psychological support for up to three hours.
  • The persons insured by the policy will be entitled to a one-hour in-person session within 30 days of the death (maximum of 2 consultations per policy and claim).

Legal Assistance Plus

  • Legal assistance by telephone on receiving documentation and the legal and administrative paperwork pertaining to the death.
  • Processing of legal paperwork:
    • Processing of the application for payment of the death grant from the National Social Security Institute (INSS): the widow's and orphan's pension will be processed administratively with the National Social Security Institute. In all cases, the insured person must provide the information, authorisations and documentation needed to handle the process on his/her behalf with the INSS; the outcome of this process is subject to the beneficiaries' satisfying the appropriate requirements and providing the necessary documentation.
    • Change of name on utilities contracts (water, electricity, telephone, internet, etc.) in the event of death, to the name of the beneficiary and/or heir or a legitimate third party, such as a new tenant.

In addition, with MyBox Decesos Seniors, you can supplement the main cover with these two optional packages:

  • Digital Pack:
    • Managing the online presence, which includes a report on the deceased insured person's online presence, deletion of the information on the insured person from his/her accounts or services, and of the information published by third parties.
    • Identity protection: with this coverage, we protect the identity of the deceased insured person, avoiding possible online identity theft for services such as: signing up for credit cards, loans, etc.
  • Premium Pack:
    • Added service that provides €1,000 of additional capital, which may be increased to arrange for coverage, purchase additional burial services or expand the policy's coverage, at the family's discretion..

With MyBox Decesos Seniors, we undertake to offer the best service, which will include service commitments such as:

1.  Immediate Funeral Service
Maximum of 30 minutes to start making funeral arrangements after the family member's call.

2. Testament Plus service
After the customer requests the service, within 24 hours the assigned lawyer will telephone the customer to start processing the various services that are included in this guarantee: notarised open will, living will, notarised precautionary powers of attorney and decision-making documents.

3. Processing of the application for payment of the death grant from the National Social Security Institute (widow's or orphan's pension)
Filing an application within 96 hours with the INSS (Social Security Institute), once the beneficiaries provide us with all the documentation needed to start the process.

4. Service to change the name on utilities in the event of the insured person's death
Filing an application within 7 calendar days with the utility companies to change the name on the contract to that of the heir, once he/she is verified to satisfy all the requirements to receive the service, and we receive the documents needed to initiate the process.

If any of the aforementioned deadlines is not met, the beneficiary can request a review of the fulfilment of these commitments, and if applicable, request payment of €200 as financial compensation.

In addition to offering extensive coverage and service commitments, taking out MyBox Decesos Seniors is quick and easy.

  • There is a one-time premium, payable when the service is purchased.
  • No waiting periods or pre-existing conditions (except for a 12-month period in the event of suicide).
  • No health questionnaire or medical exam.
  • Cumulative annual capital appreciation of 1.8%.
  • Option to redeem the premium paid.
  • Option to take out family policies (up to 15 insured persons per policy).

For further information, please ask at your branch