The PSD 2 (EU Payment Services Directive) regulation is a set of standards which entered into force recently, requiring payment service providers like CaixaBank to apply specific procedures to improve consumer rights and security.

With the application of PSD2, we have reinforced account login security through CaixaBankNow (mobile and online) with authentication processes that allow us to verify your identity. Because of this, sometimes we will ask you to confirm your identity through other measures in addition to your usual password, such as CaixaBankSign, SMS or your Coordinates Card.

It is possible that for some logins to CaixaBankNow in recent months you might have seen the following message:

We can ask for confirmation when you access CaixaBankNow...

  • For the first time from a new device (mobile or computer) or from a device you don't usually use.
  • From another browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • After deleting cookies in your browser.

We might also ask at other times: For example when you change Wi-Fi connection, or you have not logged in with a device for a long time.

The main purpose of the message is that we confirm that the login is legitimate and to ensure that your data is secure. Therefore this requirement from the PSD2 helps us guarantee your security more effectively and transparently.

Furthermore, now from CaixaBankNow you can also check the devices linked to your username. You can also unlink the devices you no longer use or do not want linked, and this way have better control over all your connections. 

We don't want you to worry: If we ever ask you to confirm your identity, you'll know that we are doing so to keep guaranteeing your security and to make sure that it really is you who is logging in.

In any event, if you notice any unusual activity on your online banking, you can contact your manager or contact us by ringing customer services at +34 900 40 40 90.