A set of standards (PSD2) have recently come into force that improve your rights as a consumer by increasing security in your CaixaBankNow digital banking and in your cards issued by Payments&Consumer or M2P.

+ Protection

of the information in your accounts and cards

+ Security

in your payments and purchases

1. Your identity is the most important thing

We are strengthening security in accessing your accounts through CaixaBankNow, your phone or the website. This also includes payments you can make from these environments and internet card purchases.

How are we going to do it?

We will ask you to confirm your identity using one of the following methods which, when you bank at CaixaBankNow or pay using your cards, will be combined with your password:

Sign with CaixaBank Sign...

...with the coordinate cards...

...or through an SMS.

When are we going to do it?

  • When you access CaixaBankNow using a device (mobile phone, web browser) not associated with your profile.
  • When you make payments and transfers through CaixaBankNow on certain occasions:
    - If you sign using the CaixaBank Sign app: we will also ask you for your password (PIN1) to CaixaBankNow.
    - If you sign with your coordinates card: we will ask you for an additional code sent by SMS.
    - If you sign using SMS codes (ImaginBank customer): we will ask you to repeat your password (PIN1).
  • When you pay by card in e-stores. In these cases, you will most often receive an SMS with a code to confirm your identity.
  • When you have made several consecutive contactless card purchases without entering your PIN, in your next purchase the POS terminal may tell you to insert your card and type in your PIN.

2. When we talk about security, you also have a relevant role

Experience has taught us that if you follow simple tips, you can improve your security. As experts in the field, we will help you.

We will send you a regular newsletter by email with tips, information on new security features and news to ensure you are kept regularly informed.

You can view all this information in the security section of the CaixaBank website for individuals.

We can also send you security alerts by SMS if we detect unusual transactions carried out from your digital banking or your cards.

3. We want you to never lose control

We will inform you of any incidents that may affect the operation of your CaixaBankNow digital banking or your cards through the communication channel that we consider most suitable, so that you can take measures in time and avoid any damage or inconvenience (SMS, email, push notifications, etc).

You can limit your card operations, such as cash withdrawals at ATMs, online purchases or in certain business sectors, to adapt the conditions of use of the card to suit your needs. You can also temporarily block your cards. You can access these functions at CaixaBankNow/cards/Queries and procedures/options:CaixaBank protect – Control use or block cards.

4. We need your updated mobile phone number and email address

Your phone number and email address will be necessary for you to continue banking with your CaixaBankNow digital banking or your cards.

You can update these details wherever you are: Go to CaixaBankNow online banking, find the setup section in the top right, go to "edit my personal details," then to "edit telephone numbers" or "edit email" and add or edit yours.

You can also update it by going into your branch.

New Rights

The new regulations grant you new rights, such as:

  • The right to an unconditional refund of bills during the first 8 weeks following the debit of such bills in accounts.
  • The right to obtain a response to any claims you may make with Customer Service within 15 working days, extendable to one month in exceptional cases and provided that we inform you of the reason for the extension.