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How do I protect my mobile phone?

A mobile phone is a small computer that must be treated with special care, because we take it everywhere with us and so it is exposed to such security risks as theft, loss or invasion of privacy. Keeping your phone safe is a key factor to bear in mind.

Practical advice

  • Set and activate the auto-lock function on your phone

    This simple action helps to keep your personal information safe, when you're not using it. This measure will stop other people from gaining access to the data on your phone, if it is left unguarded or lost. Periodically change your access PIN code.

  • Keep an eye on your WIFI and Bluetooth connections 

    Don't leave the WIFI connection or Bluetooth permanently activated on your mobile. Enable your phone so that Bluetooth devices have to ask your permission to connect with you. Don't use unfamiliar WIFI connections.

  • Downloading content

    Only download applications or read text messages from known sources, when you have previously requested a service or download. Make sure that you are familiar with the site the download is coming from and that the program you are downloading has a valid certificate.

  • Memory cards

    People often need to increase their mobile phone's memory. Check the source and the content of the memory card before inserting it into the handset. If your phone allows it, enable encryption of the data stored in the memory.

  • Back up the content of your phone

    Regularly back up the data on your mobile phone. This will enable you to recover it, if anything happens to your phone.

  • Loss

    If you lose or misplace your mobile you should contact your service provider as soon as possible, so that they can block your phone. You should also always keep your phone number updated in the CaixaBank database.

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