Digital banking CaixaBankNow access codes

Access code, PIN1

Access code or secret personal number PIN1 is necessary to access digital banking CaixaBankNow. As PIN1 is an access code, a series of precautions must be taken for its safekeeping and use:

  • Do not write your secret code on any material or electronic document. Take the necessary precautions when using peer to peer programmes (P2P) such as eMule or eDonkey, with which they share directories on the hard drive.

  • The use of the PIN1 should be restricted to the page of CaixaBank that originated the PIN, in this case, digital banking CaixaBankNow.

  • Do not send or reveal the PIN1 to anybody by any means, whether by telephone, email, etc.

  • Remember that the PIN1 is personal and not transferable. If another person needs to share the use of an account, the office can provide them with another PIN1 so that each user has a different code.

  • Do not use guessable PIN codes. PIN numbers such as sequences in order, all the same number, birthdates, telephone numbers or numbers already used for identification should be avoided.

  • Check the updating of your antivirus. In addition, it is recommended to use a personal firebreak and tools anti-spyware.

  • Do not trust email messages from a dubious sender or of dubious content. Bear in mind that CaixaBank will never ask for any access code by email.

  • If you believe that someone may know your PIN1, you should change it, as nobody, except you yourself should be able to access your accounts.

Digital banking CaixaBankNow card of coordinates:

The digital banking CaixaBankNow card of coordinates is necessary to carry out those transactions involving movement of funds or contracting a product.

Linea Abierta card of coordinates

The digital banking CaixaBankNow card of coordinates is used for:

  • To carry out those transactions involving movement of funds or contracting a product. This entails a higher security level for operations needing more protection.

  • The necessity of introducing a code of the card of coordinates ensures that, even though someone discovers or knows your PIN1, they cannot carry out transactions involving movement of funds or contracting of products, as they will then be required to enter a second variable code from the 60 belonging to the card of coordinates.

  • Security is reinforced by two factors. The first factor is the PIN1: to enter, the code known only by the user must known. The second factor, the code held by the card of coordinates, obligates the user to have a card. In security, this mechanism is known as "authentication of 2 factors": to carry out the operation two factors are necessary, to know the PIN1 and to hold the card of coordinates. This security mechanism involving two factors is considered very safe.

  • As the card of coordinates contains 60 different codes, it is safer than one single code.

When using the card of coordinates the following considerations should be taken in account:

  • If you do not hold a card of coordinates, you can apply for one directly from digital banking CaixaBankNow or from your branch.

  • If you possess a card that has not yet been activated, you may do so through digital banking CaixaBankNow.

  • The digital banking CaixaBankNow card is unique to each client. Every time you are asked for a code you will give that of the card; If the card number you are being asked for does not match that of the one you hold, contact your branch.

  • In case of loss of the digital banking CaixaBankNow card of coordinates, please telephone 93 330 70 09 or contact any branch of CaixaBank.