Whether on holiday or not, you can check the availability of your cards at any time.

Remember that you can temporarily block any card you don't need, if you think you have lost it, if you have forgotten it somewhere, or if you have any reason to believe that your bank details might have been compromised.

We'll explain how to temporarily block a card

From the CaixaBankNow app, go to "My Cards", select the card you want to block and in the options menu go to "Block Card" and select "Temporary."

Blocking your card is reversible You can repeat the previous process whenever you want to unblock your card and use it again.

This temporary blocking reduces the risk of fraudulent use of your cards, as it is not possible to use blocked cards.

Permanent card cancellation

You can also permanently block your card if it has been lost or stolen or if you think your bank details may have been compromised.

You can cancel a card definitively from the CaixaBankNow app by going to "My cards", selecting the card you want to cancel, and in the options menu going to "Block card" and selecting "Cancel".

This operation is irreversible and if you will not be able to use the card again. You must take out another one in order to continue using a card.