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With the HolaBank Account you'll get useful financial solutions and you'll be part of the HolaBank Club, with which you'll have access to a range of services and personalised advice in your own language to help you feel at home.

Benefit from the following including services

Free Visa&Pay or Visa Classic credit card (holder and beneficiary)

Digital banking CaixaBankNow and online correspondence

Debit withdrawals at over 9.600 CaixaBank ATMs1

Order 24 transfers in euros
to accounts in the EU2

Pay in cheques in euros drawn
on a bank in Spain

Special conditions

  • Issuing banker's cheques
  • Ordering transfers in euros to EU other than the 24 free ones
  • Receiving transfers in foreign currency

Whatever the amount of your transactions, a rate of 0.2% will apply, up to a maximum of €200.

Ask for the HolaBank Account services on +34 918 329 898

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Benefit from the following free services

With the HolaBank Account you'll automatically become part of the HolaBank Club, with a host of advantages for your everyday life, with free discounts and services for your family, your home and your spare time

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Now you can activate and receive your Bizum transfers via the CaixaBankNow app

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Informative document about Fees - 
HolaBank Account