To carry out the processing indicated below, CaixaBank and other companies will jointly process your data, jointly deciding on the purposes ("why data is used") and the resources used ("how data is used"), and therefore they are joint data controllers (Joint Controllers).

The processing for which CaixaBank will jointly process your data with other companies are as follows (you can see list of companies which are included within the scope of joint processing, as well as the essential aspects of the joint responsibility processing agreements by clicking on each of the following links):

  • To carry out the following commercial activities: (i) customisation of product offer according to analysis of your data; (ii) notification of the offer of products and services through channels; and (iii) transferring data to other companies.
  • To comply with the following regulations applicable to CaixaBank Group companies: (i) anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations; (ii) tax regulations; (iii) obligations arising from sanctions policies and international financial countermeasures.
  • Preventing fraud involving economic or reputational losses to the entity or its customers.
  • Analysis of the solvency and ability to repay of applicants and/or holders of products that involve financing.