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Adapted to suit your lifestyle

Do your daily banking anytime and anywhere.

Keep on top of your finances

Use the app to check all your products easily, quickly and securely.

Keep control of your expenses and your savings

Find out what you spend your money on every month and get a better picture of your savings.

Instant information

Customisable notifications allow you to have better control of your finances.


All at a glance

Check your balance, purchases, bills, savings and more. All in the same place.

Manage your finances easily, quickly and securely.


A customisable app

Create shortcuts for the features you use the most.


What do you need?

Apply for anything you need directly from the app.


VoiceBanking, the new voice assistant from CaixaBank

VoiceBanking is the new way to talk with your bank.

Ask Neo, our virtual assistant, about anything you need.

Speak naturally with the assistant and ask Neo about everything relating to your personal finances, questions about products or services, and everything that you can't find within the Application.

Or even using your Smartwatch

Use your Smartwatch to check the balance of your account and locate the nearest branches.