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The app where learning as a family is like a game.

Do you have children?

Download the app now and let the fun begin!

Welcome to the imaginKids app

Having fun as a family

imaginKids is an app that creates good habits in children in a fun and fully interactive way.

  • The app is personalised according to the age of your children and will evolve with them as they grow.
  • Your children can use imaginKids on their tablets and you can use it on your mobile.

Download it here!

A different way to learn

Achieving goals

Teach your children the value of things and help them to achieve their goals in a fun way. Set them tasks and choose the reward you want to give!

Personalised characters

Your children can choose their favourite characters and personalise them as they wish, so that they can accompany them inside the imaginKids app.

Discovering treats

There is a reward for using the imaginKids app. As your children achieve goals, they can earn treats.

Games, videos and personalised content

Have the peace of mind of knowing that your children are consuming safe content that is suitable for their age.

  • Including a special section where there are games, videos of their favourite characters and content that can be enjoyed by the whole family whenever you want.
  • Also including games and activities to train their memory and stimulate their creativity while they play.
  • And also including access to content selected from their favourite channels:

Teach them for their futures

Getting ready for the future

The best way to start giving your children a financial education.

  • With an imaginKids account, you can see all the account details and movements from the app in a very visual and fun way.
  • The imaginKids account is the Caixabank account aimed at children between 0 and 11 years of age.
  • If you still don’t have an imaginKids account, open one in your local Caixabank branch.

Download it here!

imaginKids, much more than an app