You can use this loan to finance up to 100% of the enrolment costs, with special terms and conditions:

Amount. Up to 100% of enrolment costs if a bank guarantee is provided; 80% in all other cases.

Interest-only period. You can choose to pay lower instalments over the first two years by paying interest only.

Maximum term. Up to 9 years, including the interest-only period,  enabling you to tailor the instalments to your needs.

No comissions. €0 in arrangement, appraisal and early repayment fees.

Exclusive interest rate. An exclusive interest rate for financing enrolment on IESE courses, specially designed for the next generation of talent.

To apply or for more information, please write to

Residents outside Spain

Features With bank guarantee Without bank guarantee
% Financing 100% 80%
Fixed interest rate 2.45% 5.45%
Arrangement fee €0 €0
Appraisal fee €0 €0
Repayment fee €0 €0

Instalments for a total term of 9 years

Example amount €80,000 €60,000
Interest-only (first 2 years) €163.33 €272.50
Remaining years (7 years) €1,037.35 €860.78
APR 2.48%1 5.59%2

1. Representative example: APR of 2.48% calculated for a lump-sum loan of €80,000. For a total loan term of 9 years (2 years interest-only and 7 years of repayments), the monthly instalment would be €163.33 during the interest-only period and then €1,037.35 in repayments. Total amount owed: €91,057.32 (principal of €80,000 + interest €11,057.32).

2. Representative example: APR of 5.59% calculated for a lump-sum loan of €60,000. Interest-only period: 2 years. Repayment term: 7 years. Total term: 9 years. Amount of monthly instalment: €272.50 over the interest-only period and then €860.78 over the repayment period. Total amount owed: €78,845.52 (principal of €60,000 + interest of €18,845.52).

Loan terms valid for new operations only and the granting of the loan is subject to an analysis of the applicant's credit score and repayment capacity, according to CaixaBank's risk policies. Offer runs from 07-08-2020 to 31-12-2020.

NRI: 3461-2020/09338