CaixaBank Sign replaces the coordinates card with a digital signature, so you can make
fully secure online transactions wherever you are.

In addition, the multi-signature feature has been made available for Companies, which
allows authorising simultaneously several transactions with a single signature in
CaixaBank Sign.

Download it on

Set it up in just 1 minute

And get your new digital signature!

Step 1

Enter your CaixaBankNow login details.

Step 2

Confirm login with your coordinate card or your validation code.

Step 3

Complete the process with the password that we will send you by SMS.

How to download CaixaBank Sign

Open panel video


Once you have set up CaixaBank Sign, we will disable your coordinate card.

Install the app on any mobile phone (not tablet) provided that it is not rooted.

The service will only work on your mobile phone and under your orders.

Download it on