Direct Debit Order

SEPA Order

The order signed by the debtor (payer) serves to authorise both the creditor to receive its payment and its financial institution to meet such payments. The order must be issued on paper signed by the debtor.

The order must be in force when the payment is issued. It will expire if 36 months elapse since the last payment.

The creditor must safeguard the order signed by the debtor for a minimum of 14 months following the issue of the last bill.


  • Private agreement between the issuer and debtor (must contain the identification details of the customer, debtor, of the service and the consent of the debtor to make the payment).
  • Signed by the holder of the debit account.
  • In force on the date of presentation of the payment.
  • A standard model does not exist, but it is recommended that customers use those defined in the interbank files themselves or in the simplified form described in the C.50. CaixaBank places its simplified order format at the disposal of its customers.