What does CaixaBank Confirming offer?

CaixaBank Confirming is an administrative and financial service that makes it easier for companies and suppliers to manage their payments.

If you are a supplier, Confirming allows you to manage client payments in a coordinated way, with the option of advancing payments in most currencies* and without recourse.


  • Financing your invoices
  • Improve your solvency, debt and collection term ratios by replacing commercial debt with commercial cash-flow in your balance sheet
  • If you select automatic collection, you will not have to worry about collecting invoices, as we will pay you the amount as soon as we receive the invoice from your client
  • It is non-recourse financing (no possibility of default)
  • Service available for both residents and non-residents of Spain

In short, CaixaBank Confirming will help you manage collections in a simpler, faster and safer way.

How does CaixaBank Confirming work?

Amounts paid into your bank account are credited almost immediately:

  • No possibility of default
  • No effect on your credit risk
  • No background check required

 (*): Exports and imports in foreign currency carry an exchange rate risk regardless of the means used to pay or collect invoices

NRI 14821-2016-5555