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What does CaixaBank’s Confirming offer?

CaixaBank’s Confirming is a management and financial service aimed at businesses and their suppliers to make payment management easier. Through this service, CaixaBank will manage all your client’s payments collectively, offering the possibility of advancing the payment in most foreign currencies and without appeal.


  • 100% financing of your invoices
  • Improvement in your solvency ratio, debt ratio and collection period, by substituting commercial debt for treasury on your balance.
  • If you select automatic payment, you will no longer have to worry about collecting your invoices, because CaixaBank will credit the amount the moment it receives your client’s invoice.
  • Service for residents and non-residents in Spain.
  • Financing without appeal (without the possibility of default).

In short, CaixaBank’s Confirming will help you manage your collections in a simple, easy and safe way.

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How does CaixaBank’s Confirming?

Remember that the amount would be credited to your bank account within a short period of time:

  • Without the possibility of default
  • Without affecting your credit risk
  • Without preliminary study

NRI 14821-2016-5555