The economy of tomorrow is being built right now by brave companies that are using innovation and technology to grow rapidly.

At CaixaBank DayOne we have adapted our range of products and services to suit each stage that companies and their investors go through.

What is DayOne?

DayOne is the specialised CaixaBank banking service created to support, develop and guide all young companies that are growing quickly and that operate globally, that run businesses that add value and are mainly financed by their own funds.

A specialised banking service

For technological businesses

With their own product development and intellectual property, mainly in the life science and hardware sectors.

For innovative businesses 

With a scalable business model and operating globally, mainly online and software companies.

For investors

Focused on companies in their initial stages, mainly business angels, venture capital and corporates.

A new relationship with the entrepreneurial ecosystem

DayOne is the service that innovates in how we relate to all the agents that comprise the ecosystem of startups, scaleups and their investors, by focusing on their concerns, dynamics, needs and speed of development.

All this, based on 5 key elements that have been developed to provide a service that is perfectly suited to this segment.

Financial consultants

Creativity and rapid global growth mean that your financial needs might be complicated. DayOne financial consultants are aware of the reality of the industry and guide their customers through their various stages of growth.

Specialised solutions

We build, internally or through agreements with third-party companies, new financial products and services that are suitable for the needs of ecosystem agents. We have exclusive online specialists in foreign trade, liquid assets and short- and long-term financing. We also have teams specialising in asset and tax management, investment banking, M&A and fundraising, and other top-down value proposals for companies, their founders, Venture Capital and investors in technology. In turn, we offer services that help attract national and international talent to these companies. We develop new non-financial advantages through CaixaBankNow.

Global network

We develop relationships with leading agents and stakeholders at various innovation hubs worldwide. We guide our customers and provide them with access to these hubs in their global development.


DayOne hubs are a meeting place (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga, Murcia and Zaragoza) for talent and capital. Through small-scale events and with access by invitation only, we regularly put our customers in touch with partners that add value.

Entrepreneurship Programs

We foster technology-based entrepreneurship with the EmprendeXXI Awards and related initiatives, such as DayOne Innovation Summits, DayOne Open Innovation Programs, Investor's Day and AlumniXXI, the community of winning companies throughout the history of the Emprendedor Awards.

For more information, visit the DayOne blog