With the Multicurrency service, your foreign customers will be able to pay in their own currency on the POS terminal, and you will charge them in euros with no surprises or unexpected expenses.

Easy, automatic and secure process

Additional income without costs for the business

Improve your foreign customers' experience

Discover all the benefits for you and your customer

Benefits for your business

  • Additional income: for every transaction converted into the cardholder's currency, you get a bonus.
  • Loyalty: added value service for the POS terminal that helps the business build loyalty among foreign customers, transmit an image of innovation and provide differential value.
  • No cost: free service for the business.

Benefits for your foreign customers

  • Payment in your own currency: foreign customers can pay in their respective currency and you receive the payment in euros.
  • Exact amount: be transparent and provide your customer with peace of mind; they will know in advance the exact amount charged to their account.
  • Easy and secure: your foreign customer will pay securely and easily. The POS terminal will automatically detect the foreign currency and the customer will only have to confirm it.