The Multicurrency service lets you offer your foreign customers the possibility of paying in their own currency through the POS terminal:

Benefits for your foreign customers

  • Exact amount: customers make the purchase in their own currency and know the exact amount that will be charged in advance with no surprises or unforeseen events.

  • Payment in their own currency: foreign customers can pay in their respective currency and the establishment gets paid in euros, just like in any other usual transaction.

  • Easy and secure: the POS automatically detects the foreign currency and the customer just needs to confirm it.

Benefits for your business

  • Additional income: the establishment gets a bonus for each transaction made in the cardholder's currency.

  • Cost free: this service is free for your establishment.

  • Added value: gives an image of innovation and provides differentiating value for your business.

In addition, through the mobile service Commerce Analytics knows everything about your sales made with POS. You can also visit your CaixaBank office.