More information

Just 3 steps for registration:

1.Welcome Letter and details of an invoice
Please contact our ErsteConfirming Helpdesk by phone at +43 (0)5 0100 – 11111. The Helpdesk agent will guide you through the registration procedure. For registration you have to fill out the following application form with the identification code sent to you within the Welcome Letter (see example) and the details of an invoice that has been confirmed by your customer and sent to us for processing.

2.Details of your company and access code
Details will be requested relating to your company. Furthermore you select an individual access code (PIN), needed for your future login. Important: The PIN must contain six digits.

3.End of registration process
The registration process with ErsteConfirming has been completed. We will provide you now with a username. Together with the access code (PIN), which you have chosen in the registration process, you will be able to consult your invoices and select for advance payment.

Please click on “Access” to enter the ErsteConfirming platform. For using the ErsteConfirming service you have to log in with your identifying number and your access code (PIN).