Now, pay 2 months later without interest at 0% APR1 and all using the app


With the MyCard credit card2, manage your purchases easily, quickly and securely, and enjoy everything that makes you happy without worrying.

  • Enjoy no issue or maintenance fees for the first year3, if you apply online.

Your purchases in real time

Your purchases appear in your account instantly and are charged within 48 hours of confirmation.

You decide when you pay

You can choose to pay in instalments (with interest)3. Select which purchase over €40 you want to pay in instalments and over how many months you want to pay (from three to twelve months). Plus all purchases that you split during this year.

Stay on top of your money

You can see your purchases in real time, know when they are going to be charged, and keep track of your account balance at all times.
You can also monitor any outstanding charges from stores all over the world, car rental services, and petrol stations.

Your money is safest in your own hands

If you need more money in your account, you can pay for a completed transaction in instalments

With MyCard, you can also pay for purchases that have already been charged in easy instalments (provided that they are in the current settlement), and the full purchase amount will be instantly credited to your account.

You can exceed your credit card limit

With the every 48 hours payment method, if you use up your available credit limit, you can continue to make purchases up to €3,000, provided you have sufficient funds in your linked CaixaBank account to cover your outstanding balance.

Quickly find each purchase

MyCard smart receipts help you quickly check the details of your purchases and control everything through the CaixaBankNow.

Paying with your mobile phone or watch is a piece of cake.

Simply take your hand out of your pocket and pay with your smartwatch or smartphone. You can also use the following payment methods:

With maximum security

CaixaBankProtect ®

Receive alerts on your card transactions.
More information at www.CaixaBank.es/CaixaBankProtect.

You decide where MyCard can be used

For your peace of mind, you can choose at which stores you can use MyCard. For example, you can restrict purchases abroad or entertainment-related purchases for over 18s.

Your biometric data protects you

You can use your mobile phone and the latest biometric technology to pay without entering your PIN in POS terminals.

Block your card at any time

If you can't find the card, you can temporarily block it with a single click on the app and continue to pay with your mobile phone.