€52.03 per month in 36 instalments. RRP and total price in instalments: €1,873.082



There's nowhere quite like home - even more so if you feel safe

Promotions valid until 31-03-2021

Protect your home

Securitas Direct offers an alarm with the latest technology to protect your home. It is connected to an alarm monitoring centre and includes a 36-month maintenance service.

Response in under 29 seconds

Home environmental control

Information on the air quality, humidity and temperature.

Control from your mobile phone

Option to silently listen to what's happening at your home. Real-time photo request. Video surveillance. Access control that allows you to know who's entering and leaving.

Anti-jamming ATN network

Exclusive anti-jamming network: maximum protection against all types of theft.

Guardian, request help from your mobile phone

Peace of mind in your day-to-day life?

You can have it! This is your basic package

We want to give you more, for free

Along with the security systems included in the basic package, you can choose from different extra protection options, without paying more.