At CaixaBank we are actively monitoring COVID-19 situation and consequently, taking steps to ensure the safety of our customers and employees and continue operating with the greatest comfort.

In this exceptional situation we keep absolutely committed to offering you the best quality of service, so in the light of the uncertainty we all face we recommend you:

  • Use our online banking CaixaBankNow with the latest technology and services in its web or app version to access in the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way, without the need to move from your home.
  • Security. It is likely that these days your online activity increases, so we wanted to remind you not to share your credentials to anyone. Be suspicious of emails asking for confidential information and especially be suspicious of those related to Coronavirus. If you receive phone calls from somebody claiming to be a CaixaBank’s employee, remember that we will never ask you for your login credentials, account or credit card numbers. You can read all our cyber-tips here.

  • Limit the use of coins and banknotes, preferably using card payments and charges instead. CaixaBank Payments & Consumer has temporarily increased the no-PIN limit on your contactless card from €20 to €50. So that you can make your purchases more safely without having to touch the POS terminal keypad.

    *The limit on purchases made with CaixaBankPay remains at €20.

  • Following the instructions provided by the Health Authorities and Official Institutions, it is advisable to avoid travel that is not strictly necessary.

  • If in any case, you also need to visit our branches, the new schedule since last March16th is from 8:30am. to 2.30pm. Following the recommendations of the competent Health Authorities, for all cash operations ATMs must be used and, to avoid crowds, the maximum capacity will be limited according to the following guidelines of 1 customer served, 1 customer waiting and the rest of customers will need to remain outside the branch respecting the order of arrival. In any interaction that you have with the branch employees, the minimum distance to maintain must be at least one meter.

Furthermore, remember that our more than 9,000 CaixaBank ATMs will also be operational at your disposal.

We will keep you updated on how the situation evolves, as well as further news that may occur in this regard.

Thank you very much for your confidence.

If you don't already have theCaixaBankNow App, download it now: