20% discount1 on the Avis website price when you rent a vehicle, and a free additional driver for rentals in Spain and a 10% discount if your journey is in Europe.

To get your discount, you need to indicate the promotional code O519902 when booking your rental by calling 902 13 55 31 or by entering here where the discount is already applied.


1) Discounts are applied on-line (www.avis.es) or by telephone (902 13 55 31) when mentioning the discount code.

2) All rentals are subject to the availability of cars and to the general terms and conditions of AVIS.

3) 1 If users do not cancel their rental before the rental date and time indicated on their rental document and do not collect their vehicle within 24 hours of said date and time, a non-cancellation fee of €50 or 70 CHF shall be applied (depending on the rental country and not including the applicable VAT) as compensation to the local supplier.

4) Cannot be combined with other offers, promotions or discounts.

5) Discounts, gifts and bonuses may not be exchanged for their cash value.

6) For any additional information, please call 902 13 55 31.

7) Valid until 31/12/2019.


CaixaBank is not liable for the terms and conditions of this offer, including its duration and any commercial or contractual relationships that might arise from it, as it is limited to solely providing access to it. For any information, question or complaint related to the promotions, you must contact the company offering them.

NRI: 2919-2019/09681