Enjoy your favourite films from Monday to Thursday for just €6 per ticket, for purchases made at the box office and online.

To take advantage of the discount, all you have to do is identify yourself by using your Family Senior card.

For more information, visit www.cbroadway.net/broadway.html.


1) Maximum of four tickets per card holder.

2) Cannot be combined with other offers, promotions and/or discounts.

3) Discounts, gifts and bonuses may not be exchanged for their cash value.

4) For any additional information, please call 987 37 71 34.

5) Offer valid until 31/01/2020.


CaixaBank is not liable for the terms and conditions of this offer, including its duration and any commercial or contractual relationships that might arise from it, as it is limited to solely providing access to it. For any information, question or complaint related to the promotions, you must contact the company offering them.

NRI: 2919-2019/09681