A 30% discount per person at Faunia (Madrid) when you buy an individual day ticket (aged 8 and over) for you and up to 3 guests.

Here you can find over 700 species of animals in the most amazing ecosystems in the world: the polar ecosystem of Antarctica, the Amazon jungle, crocodile mangroves, African forests, the Australian outback... You can’t get any closer!

To take advantage of the promotion, you must buy advanced tickets here. The on-line purchase only allows one purchase through the website (limit of 10,000 tickets).

For purchases at the ticket office, you need to present the printed voucher.

Ticket office code 60970


1) Discount valid for the holder and up 3 guests for individual day tickets (aged 8 and over).

2) Not applicable to the following ticket types: groups, disabled, and large families.

3) On-line discount valid for tickets for visits from the day following your purchase.

4) Promotion valid at ticket offices or at www.faunia.es/caixa-senior.

5) To buy tickets at the ticket office, you need to present the printed voucher.

6) Check opening hours at www.faunia.es or by calling 91 154 74 82.

7) Photocopied, altered or damaged vouchers shall not be accepted.

8) Cannot be combined with other offers, promotions or discounts.

9) Discounts, gifts and bonuses may not be exchanged for their cash value.

10) For any additional information, please call 91 154 74 82.

11) Offer valid until 06/01/2020.


CaixaBank is not liable for the terms and conditions of this offer, including its duration and any commercial or contractual relationships that might arise from it, as it is limited to solely providing access to it. For any information, question or complaint related to the promotions, you must contact the company offering them.

NRI: 2919-2019/09681