Now, more than ever, we support our senior customers by giving them priority at our branches, which is why at CaixaBank we have taken the following measures:


  • We have advanced the payment of pensions to the 20th of the month. Whenever possible, we make sure you don't have to wait outside the branch or queue.



  • We have set up a quick withdrawal procedure to facilitate the cash withdrawal of the amount of your pension.



  • The term of the life certificate has been extended by four extra months.



  • To enable you to make safer purchases without having to touch the POS terminal keypad, we have temporarily increased the no-PIN limit on your contactless card issued by CaixaBank Payments and Consumer from €20 to €50.

*The limit on purchases made with CaixaBankPay remains at €20


We are going to stay by the side of our customers and all of society in general. Find out about the other measures we are taking at CaixaBank here.



Card issued by the hybrid payment institution CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, E.F.C., E.P., S.A.U., with Tax ID A-08980153, and registered in the Bank of Spain Official Register of Companies under number 8776. CaixaBank, S.A. acts as the agent of the card issuing entity. The system chosen by CaixaBank Payments & Consumer to protect payment service users' funds is to deposit them in a separate account opened with CaixaBank, S.A.

NRI: 18369-2020-5555