The new way to invest in the stock market

The BrokerNow app is the CaixaBank app with which you can manage your share portfolio and financial assets from your mobile, watch the markets and national and international stock exchanges, buy and sell shares and keep up to date with the financial news in an instant.


Consult interactive charts and analyse the evolution of the markets.


Real-time and in-depth market analysis.


Check your portfolio easily and simply.


With all the benefits offered by CaixaBank.

Carry your broker on your mobile phone

My portfolio

All your investments at a glance: all the information on the status of your investments, orders and return on investments in one place.


Designed to make decisions: you'll have an overall view of the main markets, an in-depth view of the market and advanced charts.

New technical analysis

More precise decisions: get better organised with the new tools: comparison charts, trend indicators, support and resistance levels and risk markers.

New fundamental analysis

Find out about your investments: you now have the details of both the company you follow and its sector: analyst average, price targets, profit forecasts, etc.


Always up to date with market news: the most important news of the day, with up-to-the-minute updates and comprehensive details.

Improved share history

More options: we have refreshed the filters and included the historical data section in the share file itself.


A customised view: applying best practices so that you can access your favourite securities with a single click.

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