No account maintenance fees.

2 credit cards with no maintenance or administration fees.

Unlimited cheque deposits.

24 self-service standard transfers or cheque deposits a year.

Discover the new CaixaBank Seniors Account, the account with exclusive advantages and... no fees!

This account offers the following free services:

  • Account maintenance fees.
  • Credit card with no maintenance or administration fee for the account holder and the beneficiary. Choose between Visa&Pay CaixaBank Senior, Visa Classic CaixaBank Senior, Visa Debit CaixaBank Senior.
  • Unlimited cheque deposits, both in our branches and online.
  • 24 self-service standard transfers or cheque deposits a year¹.
  • Digital banking CaixaBankNow and online correspondence (automatically when you sign up for your digital banking CaixaBankNow).

To enjoy the benefits of a CaixaBank Seniors Account, you just need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Have your pension benefits deposited directly into your account (minimum €600/month).
  • Use your credit card at least 3 times every quarter or pay 3 bills by direct debit.
  • Your agreement with us (meet at least one of these 3 requirements):
    • Have a life, home or car insurance policy; be the beneficiary of a health insurance policy with an annual premium of at least €120, or have a prepaid funeral plan.
    • Have a minimum balance of €10,000 in any of these products: investment fund, individual pension plan or EPSV, life annuity, Flexible Future Plan - PIAS or SIALP (balance from €10,000).
    • Have a security system financed by Compra Estrella.


The customer has 3 months to direct deposit the pension from the start of the ServiCuenta contract.

If these requirements are not satisfied for six consecutive months, the CaixaBank Seniors Account contract will be cancelled.