Enjoy life with the smartest solution

€50 for each new product taken out
When you take out at least two products in the promotion1.

From 04-04-2022 until 1-07-2022

IRN: 20974-2022-05555

Consider the advantages

MyBox Auto offers exclusive coverage to protect you on the road year after year and let you enjoy driving.

Civil liability as a pedestrian and cyclist

Civil liability

Own damage



Driver accidents

Criminal defence and claim for damage

Management of fines and loss of points

Damage to the vehicle and its accessories due to collisions with animals

Additional benefits of MyBox Auto

No price increases for three years. This way, you can have peace of mind for even longer.


The same monthly rate for 3 years2.


It includes all manufacturer accessories and the rest up to €1,500.


24-hour roadside assistance from the first kilometre.


Worldwide emergency medical travel assistance.


Free choice of repair shop, including the dealership.


Advantages at affiliated repair shops.


Compensation of the brand new replacement value for vehicles under three years old.


You also have the SegurCaixa Auto app , where you can carry out all your insurance procedures quickly and also:

sí Report and view claims
sí Request geolocated assistance
sí Track the tow truck's location in real time
sí Check traffic conditions